Commercial Litigation

Wuestling & James, L.C. represents a broad range of businesses in commercial litigation throughout the St. Louis, Missouri area. We represent corporations and individuals, both insured and uninsured, in commercial and insurance litigation, contract disputes, business torts, intentional interference with contract or economic advantage, and other intentional torts.

As a result of litigating complex cases over the years, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver general litigation services at rates far below those charged by larger firms. Moreover, our experienced commercial law attorneys are prepared to go to trial whenever necessary. This means that we are particularly adept at assessing risks in a case, apprising our clients of them early in the proceedings, and then moving forward in the way that best suits the client’s needs.

Our clients evaluate our performance based both on the results we achieve and the containment of costs associated with those achievements, thus you will seldom hear our lawyers recommending last-minute settlements on the courthouse steps. If a matter can be settled, we strive to accomplish that end before permitting undue legal fees. If settlement is not feasible, our opponents know they face a serious challenge from lawyers who are trained to win at trial.

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